Most swimmers who swim the 1500m freestyle or the 800m freestyle are really good at pacing themselves, but alot of people find that they don't have enough energy to sprint the final 100m. This set works on endurance and speed, and is for a higher level competitive swimmer.

Warm up:

600m Freestyle adding at least to drills

400m I.M as 25m kick/catch-up/drill/swim

200m Backstroke kick, last 50m max

Kick Set:

16x50m kick:

4 Fly

4 Back

4 Breast

4 Free

All done on 1:15 and without a board

Main Set:

1500m T 22:00

200m S
800m T 11:00
200m S
400m T 5:10
200m S
200m T 2:30
200m S
100m T 1:10
200m S

T: Fast or racing pace but timed

S: Steady paced to get cool down

Dintance: 4000m

Cool Down:

600m swim

200m kick

Sprint Set:

24x50m Choice stroke

plus 10 seconds rest

Warm down

5 minutes soild swim

Steady paced

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